Friday, January 14, 2011

Pope John Paul II Closer to Sainthood

NEWS FROM THE VATICAN...Pope John Paul II took a step closer to become a saint on Friday.
The Vatican announced that Pope John Paul II will be beatified on May 1.  Pope Benedict XVI will lead the ceremony that is expected to draw hundreds of thousands faithful to ST. Peter's Square.  After the ceremony he will be know as "The Blessed John Paul II".
His beatification comes after he is credited for healing Sister Marie-Simon-Pierre of Parkinson's Disease after she prayed to him after his death.  This is the first miracle that Pope John Paul II is credited with.  In order for him to be fully canonized it must be confirmed that he performed a second miracle.
The beatification process of Pope John Paul II is occurring extremely fast.  After his death in April 2005, Pope Benedict XVI waived the normal five year waiting period to be beatified and canonized.


  1. I hope he does become a saint. He truly deserves it. I also hope that if ever he becomes a saint. His name should be St. Karol not St. John Paul. To retain his real name and identity.

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