Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Carnival Splendor Fire

BREAKING NEWS....The Carnival cruise ship Splendor was left adrift after a fire broke out Monday en route to Mexico. The fire broke out in the engine room where crew members battled the blaze for three hours. Carnival report that no one was injured during the blaze.
Carnival Cruise Lines released the following statement, "the fire started around 6 am, but was extinguished be 9:10 am. The ship, which was 55 miles off the northern Baja coast at the time, is carrying 1167 crew members and 3299 guests."
Carnival's web site is reporting that the ship has several systems not operating including air conditioning, toilets that flush, telephones and hot food. It is unsure if the crew is trying to correct the problems.
All guests of the cruise will receive full refunds. In addition they will receive reimbursement for travel costs and a future complimentary cruise.
The Splendor will be towed to Ensenata in Baja.