Monday, October 18, 2010

Typhoon Hits Philippines

BREAKING NEWS....A super typhoon has made landfall in the Philippines knocking out power and all communications Monday. 
Super Typhoon Megi crossed over the northern part of the Philippines, making landfall at Palanan Bay, adding to the already heavy rains that have fallen over the region.  Megi produced 140 miles per hour winds with gusts of 162 mph which caused trees and utility poles to fall cutting off power and communication lines. 
In China, government officials have evacuated 140,000 people from coastal provinces ahead of the typhoon,  Typhoon Megi could hit Vietnam later today, where flooding has caused 30 deaths in the last couple of days.  This in addition to those who are feared dead and missing after a bus was swept off the road by roaring currents from a river.
Typhoon Megi is the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines in the last four years. Officials say thousands of military reserve officers and volunteers are ready to be activated along with helicopters, including six Chinooks that US troops are using during war exercises near Manila.