Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chechnya Parliament Attacked

NEWS out of Moscow...Three suicide bombers staged an attack on the Chechen parliament Tuesday.
During the attack three were killed and 17 were wounded.  Of the three dead are two police officers and the other a civilian.  Vladimir Markin, of the Russian Prosecutor's Office reports six of the were of the wounded were police officers and eleven were civilians.
The bombers entered the parliament building as lawmakers were beginning their day.  As they entered one bomber blew himself up at the entrance as the other two made their way in the building and barricaded themselves in the first floor.  The remaining two bombers blew themselves up as security forces attacked them. 
The situation was under control a few hours after the attack was reported.  The Russian Prosecutor's Office released the following statement, "The special operation on neutralizing rebels who had stormed into the Chechnya parliament building has just been completed.  All of them were destroyed in a special operation when they showed resistance."
The Chechnya parliament resumed its work as usual just hours after the incident occurred.