Wednesday, June 23, 2010

United States Advances on Donovan's Goal

Landon Donovan's goal in extra time proved to be the game winner today against Algeria.  With the 1-0 win, the United States wins Group C and advance to the Round of 16.  They will play Saturday at 2:30 against the second place team from Group D.  That team won't be finalized until Germany plays Ghana and Serbia plays Australia. 

Donovan's goal started with goalkeeper Tim Howard showing the strength of his arm by throwing a 40 yard one bounce pass to Donovan near midfield.  US goalkeepers don't practice throwing drill due to the lack of time at practice. 

Prior to the thrown, Howard stopped a scoring attempt by Rafik Saifi, which wasn't an easy save.  He held onto the ball and ran to the top of his box and launched the strike to a streaking Donovan at midfield.

If it weren't for the arm of Tim Howard and the foot of Landon Donovan the United States might not have advanced to the Round of 16. 

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