Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement

Tiger Woods has agreed to pay his soon to be ex-wife Elin Nordegren 750 million dollars in their divorce settlement.  This is now the biggest celebrity divorce payout ever. 

Also in the divorce settlement Woods is banned from bringing his any single woman near his kids.  He is only allowed to bring a girlfriend into their lives if he marries her.   Elin has agreed to never speak of any of Tiger's mistresses while he is alive or after his death or she will forfeit the her share of his assets.   This means no books or interviews. 

Elin will have full custody of the children, but they share legal custody of them. That means Woods will share decisions about their future which means Elin will not be able to permanently relocate them to her native Sweden.  Woods will be able to visit the children up to half a week each week . 

With this settlement the only thing left to make the divorce final is filing the signed paperwork in Orlando County Court.  Nordegren is expected to file the divorce papers within the next seven days.


  1. What the hell?
    this really sucks man. he is not allowed to bring any women near his childrens?

    Well Great post dude.
    thanks for sharing.


  2. He maybe successful in his career but sad to say he's not in his love life.
    ”When God made you”