Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Second Arrest In Brooke Phillips Murder

There has been a second arrest of a person of interest in the murder of Brooke Phillips.  The bodies Phillips and three other people were discovered  shot and stabbed to death in November of 2009 in a burning house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  At the time of the murders Phillips and another victim were pregnant.
Phillips is best know from the HBO series Cathouse.  She work at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch as a prostitute in Nevada.
In November 2009, David Allen Tyner was arraigned on six counts of first degree murder and authorities knew that he did not commit the murders along.  It wasn't until April 26 authorities apprehended Denny Edward Phillips in Tulsa, OK on a burglary charge and now six charges of murder.
Phillips is now hospitalized recovering from gunshot wounds that occurred during his arrest.

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