Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilean Miners Rescued

UPDATED Breaking News...At 8:55 pm EDT Wednesday, the last miner, Luis Urzua, has been safely rescued back to the surface.  The 69 day rescue effort of the collapsed mine is finally over.

UPDATED Breaking News...As of 7:36 pm EDT Wednesday, 30 of the 33 miners have been rescued safely.  Chile officials say all 33 miners could be rescued by 11:00 pm EDT.

UPDATED Breaking News... AT 11:15 pm EDT the first miner, Florencio Avalos, has reached the surface and is reunited with his family.

UPDATED ...At 11:00 pm EDT, the first Chilean miner, Florencio Avalos, has entered the rescue capsule and began his journey to the surface.  A trip believed to take 10 minutes.

BREAKING NEWS...Within in hours, the trapped Chilean miners rescue is expected to begin. 
Chilean authorities have lowered the rescue capsule, unoccupied, into the shaft as part of the final test before the miners' rescue begins.  Chilean Mining Minister Laurence Golborne hopes that the first miner will be rescued by the end of the day Tuesday.  Once the rescue begins, the capsule will be lowered with rescue personnel about 2,300 feet below the Earth's surface.  The plan is to rescue one miner at a time each hour until all are in the arms of loved ones. 
TVN, Chilean state TV, has released a preliminary order in which the miners will be rescued; a finalized ordered will be set when rescuers reach the miners. 
The preliminary order of rescue is:  1) Florencio Avalos, 31, 2) Mario Sepulveda, 40,  3) Juan Illanes, 52, 4) Carlos Mamani, 23, 5) Jimmy Sanchez, 19,  6) Osman Araya, 30; 7) Jose Ojeda; No. 8), Claudio Yanez, 34; 9) Mario Gómez, 63,  10) Alex Vega, 31; 11) Jorge Galleguillos, 56; 12) Edison Pena, 34; 13) Carlos Barrios, 27; 14) Victor Zamora, 33; 15) Victor Segovia, 48; 16) Daniel Herrera, 27; 17) Omar Reygadas, 56; 18) Esteban Rojas, 44; 19) Pablo Rojas, 45; 20) Dario Segovia, 48; 21) Yonni Barrios, 50; 22) Samuel Avalos, 43; 23) Carlos Bugueno, 27; 24) Jose Henriquez, 54; 25) Renan Ávalos, 29; 26) Claudio Acuna; 27) Franklin Lobos, 53; 28) Richard Villarroel, 27; 29) Juan Carlos Aguilar, 49; 30) Raúl Bustos, 40; 31) Pedro Cortez, 25; 32) Ariel Ticona, 29; 33) Luis Urzua, 54.
The 33 miners have been trapped in a collapsed mine in San Jose Mine, Chile since August 5.  No one in history has been trapped underground this long and survived.
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