Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Brother 12 Winner Is...

Who won Big Brother 12?
The $500 thousand prize came down to Lane, Hayden
and Enzo. The final Head Of House competition came down to
Hayden and Lane. After a close competition Hayden
won the final HOH of the season.
The next question for Hayden was which member of
the Brigade will he take to the Final Two. After some
debate Hayden evicted Enzo and took Lane with him
to the Final Two.
In a vote of 4 - 3, Hayden was named winner of Big
Brother 12. Lane walked away with the $50,000
second prize. America voted Brittany America's
favorite player and awarded her a $25,000 prize.


  1. I didn’t watch last night’s finale, but I’m disappointed that Hayden won. I was really hoping Enzo would emerge victorious. I thought Enzo was the most entertaining houseguest this season.

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