Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garmin Nuvi Recall

Breaking News... Garmin, the GPS device maker, is voluntarily recalling its Nuvi personal navigation devices.  The recall affects 1.25 million devices,  almost 800,000 of those were sold in the United States. 
The recall was issued by Garmin  due to the battery used in certain Nuvi devices was prone to overheating.

The recalled devices include Nuvi model numbers 200W, 250W, 260W, and 7xx (where xx is a two-digit number).  Owner can contact Garvin to verify if their device is affected by the recall.

 Recalled devices will not be replaced and device owners should not attempt to replace the battery on their own. "Garmin will replace the battery and insert a spacer on top of the battery next to the PCB before returning theNuvi to affected customers free of charge," according to the company's statement.

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